Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yu Darvish, Will He Translate?

Japanese pitchers are becoming more and more common. Hideo Nomo was the first truely successful Japanese pitcher and Daisuke Matsusaka was the most expensive. Both of them are going to be blown out of the water by Yu Darvish. Darvish is only twenty-five years old and he is already looking like the greatest pitcher to ever play in Japan. His staggering consistant numbers will translate much better than Daisuke and Nomo. Don't get me wrong Nomo was a very good pitcher and Daisuke had his moments, but even in Japan their numbers don't even compare. Let's look at his stats                                    ERA/GS/K/BB/IP/CG/SO/W-L/
Yu Darvish 2007        1.82/26/210/49/203/12/3/15-5
Yu Darvish 2008        1.88/24/208/44/200/10/2/16-4
Yu Darvish 2009        1.73/23/167/45/182/8/2/15-5
Yu Darvish 2010        1.78/25/222/47/202/10/2/12-8
Yu Darvish 2011        1.44/28/276/36/232/10/6/18-6
These are the stats for the past five years. He's pitched for seven years total and he already has 1250 Ks. Now I don't care if people say the numbers don't translate in America, but looking at this year he can pitch a lot of innings and get a lot of strikouts without walking many. The ERA is the only thing I could see changing. I believe it will go up, but even if it goes up a full point he'll still have an amazing ERA. But if I had to make a comparison, I say he's a right handed Cliff Lee. A strikeout pitcher who doesn't throw above 94 mph and having amazing secondary pitches. Trust me he'll translate nicely. Hopefully he doesn't go to the Yankees

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Most Underrated Free Agents This Offseason

The top Free agents this year are, Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, Jose Reyes, C.C. Sabathia, C.J. Wilson Aramis Ramirez, Jimmy Rollins, Heath Bell, Jonathan Papelbon, Ryan Madson and K-Rod. But everyone is talking about them espically King Albert and the Prince. So I want to talk about the top free agents that could make a big impact next year.
We'll start with a personal favorite in Wily Mo Pena. This season, combined with AAA and MLB, had 32 homeruns and a .281 batting average. The problem with him is he strikes out alot. I believe he strikes out because he doesn't get enough playing time and when he does play, he tries to hit a homerun everytime. But if he gets regular playing time he'll be able to make an impact, because he'll cut down on strike outs, increase contact and hit homeruns.
Next is Wilson Betemit. Betemit is a switch hitter with even power on both sides. He didn't get much playing time due to the Royals calling up Mike Moustakus and when he was traded to the Tigers they also didn't give him alot of playing time after they recalled Brandon Inge. Betemit needs some work on his glove, but the power is there and with a full season under his belt, he'll produce.
Now Super Utility man Bill Hall. Bill Hall can play almost every position, except catcher and 1st base. He prefers to play 2nd base, but is willing to play left field, right field, and 3rd base. He can play shortstop and center field, he just perfers not to. His rocket arm and good glove allow him to play all these positions. He can also swing a mean bat. He has a lot of homerun power even when he doesn't get a lot of playing time. So give him a chance and let him produce.
Rick Ankiel. Rick has one of the best throwing arms in the game. He has a great glove and good range. Plus he can play all outfield posistions. The only problem is he's been have trouble at the plate. He has a lot of power and good contact he just has trouble finding the ball. If he can work on that he would be a big part of any team.
These are in my opinion the best underrated free agents. The best part is these players won't break the bank. They just want some time to play and they should get time.

Monday, October 17, 2011


There are about five player up for MVP, excluding Justin Verlander. Miguel Cabrerra, Jose Bautista, Jacoby Ellsbury, Curtis Granderson and Adrian Gonzalez. I will explain who should win, who shouldn't and who will and show the numbers so you can decide. But first to be honest I want Ellsbury to win.
Jose Bautista. Bautista lead in multiple catagories. He had the most homeruns and the highest WAR. But the problem is he was on a team that wasn't contending. He was also accused of stealing signs. I personally don't believe that, but it will be taken into account.
Adrian Gonzalez. A-Gon was the best player in the game through the first half. Then after the All-Star break he slumped. He kept up the batting average and base hits but his homerun power diminished. Then the series against the Rangers rolled around and he hit 5 homeruns in three games so we thought he was back. But once september came and he dropped to second in batting average and tied for first in hits. At the All Star break he was on pace for 250 hits possibly more, but his slumps and shoulder fatigue prevented him from being the best.
Curtis Granderson. Granderson also lead in multiple categories. The problem is he didn't even come close in other categories. He lead in runs and RBIs, but only batted .262 with 152 hits. Granderson was a great speed and power man, which is why he's up for MVP, but his numbers won't let him win it.
Jacoby Ellsbury. Ellsbury, to put simple, was a beast. Jacoby blew us away with 32 homeruns. Sure it wasn't the most but the fact that his most was 9 prevously is pretty incredible. He was the first 30-30 man in Red Sox history and Come Back Player of the Year. He was the shining star in the Red Sox collapse. But that's the problem, even though he was great he couldn't get the Sox to the playoffs and it will cost him.
Miguel Cabrerra. Cabrerra had the highest batting average and the most doubles. He lead the Tigers, along with Verlander, into the playoffs and past the Yankees. He will win MVP and the numbers support it.
Here are the numbers you decided
Jacoby Ellsbury
Runs: 119 (3rd)
Hits: 212 (2nd)
Doubles: 46 (T-3rd)
Triples: 5 (T-6th)
Homeruns: 32 (T-5th)
RBIs: 105 (T-6th)
Stolen Bases: 39 (4th)
Batting Average: .321 (5th)
On Base Percentage: .376 (T-9th)
Slugging: .552 (T-5th)
OPS: .928 (5th)
Extra Base Hits: 83 (1st)
Total Bases: 364 (1st)
Wins Above Replacement: 7.2 (2nd)
Runs Above Replacements: 75 (2nd)
30-30 Club (First in Red Sox History)
Come Back Player of the Year Award

Miguel Cabrera
Runs: 111 (4th)
Hits: 201 (3rd)
Doubles: 48 (1st)
Homeruns: 30 (7th)
RBI: 105 (T-6th)
Walks: 108 (2nd)
Batting Average: .344 (1st)
On Base Percentage: .448 (1st)
Slugging: .586 (2nd)
OPS: 1.033 (2nd)
Extra Base Hits: 78 (3rd)
Total Bases: 335 (3rd)
Win Above Replacement: 7.1 (3rd)
Runs Above Replacement: 73 (3rd)

Adrian Gonzalez
Runs: 108 (5th)
Hits: 213 (T-1st)
Doubles: 45 (T-4th)
Homeruns: 27 (T-10th)
RBI: 117 (3rd)
Batting Average: .338 (T-2nd)
On Base Percentage: .410 (3rd)
Slugging: .548 (6th)
OPS: .957 (3rd)
Extra Base Hits: 75 (5th)
Total Bases: 345 (2nd)
Win Above Replacement: 6.9 (4th)
Runs Above Replacement: 71 (4th)

Curtis Granderson
Runs: 136 (1st)
Hits: 153 (T-24th)
Doubles: 26 (T-19th)
Homeruns: 41 (2nd)
Triples: 10 (2nd)
RBI: 119 (1st)
Most Strikeouts: 169 (4th)
Batting Average: .262 (T-30th)
On Base Percentage: .364 (14th)
Slugging: .552 (T-5th)
OPS: .916 (6th)
Extra Base Hits: 77 (4th)
Total Bases: 322 (5th)
Wins Above Replacement: 5.2 (T-10th)
Runs Above Replacement: 56 (T-7th)

Jose Batista
Runs: 105 (6th)
Hits: 155 (T-21)
Doubles: 24 (T-20th+)
Homreuns: 43 (1st)
RBI: 103 (T-7th)
Walks: 132 (1st)
Batting Average: .302 (T-10th)
One Base Percentage: .447 (2nd)
Slugging: .608 (1st)
OPS: 1.056 (1st)
Extra Base Hits: 69 (10th)
Total Bases: 312 (6th)
Win Above Replacement: 8.5 (1st )
Runs Above Replacement: 89 (1st)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Are the Nationals Contenders?

In my opinion the Nationals will be contending for the Wild Card. The Phillies will take first place even though Ryan Howard will be out the first month or two. But before the Nationals can contend they have to complete the team. They have a top notch bullpen so they won't have to worry about relivers. They have a great infield. Ryan Zimmerman is by far their best player. He hits for a high average and hits for power. Due to injury he saw limited playing time this year, but managed to produce when he played. Danny Espinosa really showed his power this season with 21 homeruns and 29 doubles. His average wasn't great, but he just needs a little more plate discipline which should come with experience. But he really showed off with his glove this season. If Brandon Phillips wasn't in the National League, Espinosa would win the Gold Glove. Ian Desmond, the National's shortstop, started to show power in September, which will really help the leadoff postition. His speed and contact already make him a good leadoff man, but with power he'll be ideal. Desmond just needs a little work on defence. First baseman Adam Laroche had his season end at the very beginning of the season, but the Nationals signed him for his glove and his production. Adam LaRoche has had limted playing time for most of his career, but when he was giving full playing time he rewarded his team with a good batting average and 25 homeruns and 100 RBIs. His glove is where he truely shines though. He has Gold Glove caliber defence that can be compare to Carlos Pena, a former Gold Glover. Wilson Ramos was a very pleasant surprise this year. He showed he was a clutch player when the game was on the line. He's proven to be an everyday catcher even at his young age. I have to give credit to Ivan Rodrigez for helping move him along, because Pudge is one of the greatest catchers to ever play the game. The outfield has two great contributers in Michael Morse and Jayson Werth. Werth didn't produce offencively like he should have, but he never lost his glove. Werth, like Carl Crawford, is going through a transition into a new team. Werth will produce in 2012 and beyond. Michael Morse was the biggest surprise. He showed if given full playing time he will produce. Morse hit a .303 batting average and 31 homeruns. He can play left field and first base, but can play right to fill the posistion. For Center Field they could use Rick Ankiel at the beginning of the season. Ankiel wants to be back in Washington so that helps. He has a great glove and a rocket arm. He's just lacking at the plate. He's got the power he just has poor plate discipline. If they bring him back as their starting center fielder then he'll have to work hard to get his swing back. But Bryce Harper should be ready mid-season, maybe before. When Harper comes up then Werth can move to center and that will solve their center field problem.
The lineup with Rick Ankiel
  1. Ian Desmond               .253/65/148/27/5/08/49/25
  2. Rick Ankiel                 .239/46/091/20/0/09/37/10
  3. Ryan Zimmerman       .307/85/161/32/0/25/85/4 (2010)
  4. Michael Morse            .303/73/158/36/0/31/95/2
  5. Jayson Werth              .232/69/130/26/1/20/58/19
  6. Adam LaRoche           .261/75/146/37/2/25/100/0 (2010)
  7. Danny Espinosa          .236/72/135/29/5/21/66/17
  8. Wilson Ramos            .267/48/104/22/1/15/52/0
  9. Pitcher
That's a good lineup. Now let's add Bryce Harper.
  1. Ian Desmond             .253/65/148/27/5/08/49/25
  2. Jayson Werth            .232/69/130/26/1/20/58/19
  3. Ryan Zimmerman    .307/85/161/32/0/25/85/4
  4. Michael Morse         .303/73/158/36/0/31/96/2
  5. Adam LaRoche        .261/75/146/37/2/25/100/0 (2010)
  6. Bryce Harper           .306/75/137/27/3/23/82/29 (AA-A-AFL)
  7. Danny Espinosa       .236/72/135/29/5/21/66/17
  8. Wilson Ramos         .267/48/104/22/1/16/52/0
  9. Pitcher
If they had that lineup I think they'd be able to grab the wild card. Plus you add Jesus Flores, who tore up the Winter League, they have a great back up catcher too. That's a top notch offence.
The rotation would look like this.
  1. Stephen Strasberg (On limited Innings)
  2. Gio Gonzalez
  3. Jordan Zimmerman
  4. Edwin Jackson
  5. Chien-Ming Wang/John Lannen/Ross Detwiler
That's a rotation that has the ability to shut down other teams. They have several options for their number 5 starter, plus guys to cover Stephen Strasberg after he comes to his innings limit. Then you throw in the bullpen and you have contending pitching. If they do take the Wild Card, they should bring back Strasberg. He will be rested enough for only about ten games max.
So they are a playoff team. Will they be in 2012? I think so, but they could have to wait until 2013.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Miracle Mariners, Mighty Mariners or Lovable Losers, Revamp

How will the Mariners play next year. Will they make a second half comeback? Will they dominate? Or will they be the Mariners of recent years? I believe they have potential to contend. They were in first place during interleague play. But they have to trust their young stars. They have some great bats down in the minors, who have proved their worth during September call ups. The only thing the Mariners need to spend money on is pitching. But first let's look at the lineup.Leading off and playing right field, Ichiro Suzuki. Ichiro had his first down year in eleven years, but he can still produce two hits a game. He will continue to be their leadoff man until he retires or they bring him back.
Batting second, shortstop prospect Nick Franklin. Nick Franklin has potential to be a very powerful shortstop. Not as powerful as Alex Rodrigez, but there is a resemblance. He has a great combination of speed and power with 23 homeruns and 25 stolen bases in 2010. 2011 was a down year because he switched between three different minor league levels. But an invite to spring training and a little AAA time will be enough for him to get the call up.
Batting third and playing second, Dustin Ackley. Ackley is another player with speed and power, with 10 triples and 15 homeruns in MLB and AAA combined. His glove is where he truely shines. His great range, glove and accurate throwing arm make him a perfect second baseman.
Batting fourth and DHing, free agent Prince Fielder. Okay I know Prince is a first basemen but he said he's willing to DH. And It's also hard to imagine him as a Mariner, but remember the managed to sign Cliff Lee. They have the money for the Prince so let's see if he signs.
Batting fifth and playing left field, Mike Carp. Mike Carp had a killer second half showing his power and versatillity. His AAA numbers were even more impressive. Combined with MLB and AAA he had a .310 batting average and 33 homeruns. His glove isn't great but he has showed some skill.
Batting Sixth and playin third base, Alex Liddi. Liddi is a power third baseman and the righty they need in their lineup. He had 33 homeruns in MLB and AAA combined. He also has a good glove. With a little experince I see a Gold Glove in his future.
Batting seventh and playing center field, Trayvon Robinson. I know Franklin Gutierrez is there center fielder, but his lack of hitting is really troublesome. His gold glove does make him trade bait. But Trayvon is a switch hitter with power on both sides. He racked up 28 homeruns and 21 doubles in MLB and AAA combined. He also is a gold glove caliber defender, shown when he robbed Torii Hunter of a homerun.
Batting eighth and playing first base, Justin Smoak. Smoak is a power switch hitter and decent defender. He slumped this year, but that's what happens during a rookie being forced to bat high in the order when he was just traded. But bat him low and he'll produce.
Batting ninth and catching vetern bat Miguel Olivo. Olivo is a homerun hitting catcher who can call a game with the best of them. Like most of the Mariners who weren't rookies he slumped. Only hitting 19 homeruns and batting .224. But bat him low so there won't be pressure and he'll produce.
Now I know there is a lot of risk in having so many rookie, but that risk could end up with a great team.

Cubs' Pitching Woes

The Cubs problems is 2011 has come from poor pitching. Now I'm not saying their pitchers are bad, just their seasons. So the Cubs have two choices. They either have to work internally or sign free agents.
Working internally will be difficult. We'll start with their best pitcher, Matt Garza. Garza didn't have a bad season, but the Cubs were hoping for better. He had a 3.66 ERA and 197 strikeouts in 198 innings, which is pretty good, but Matt Garza has the ability to drop his ERA under 3. If he continues to mix his pitches in later innings he'll have the ability to throw another no-hitter.
Ryan Dempster was the biggest disappointment for the Cubs. He had a high ERA of 4.88, but he still had a high strikeout rate. He wasn't consistant and needs to work hard this off season to get back to the way he was. Hopefully he picks up his option and prepares to win for the Cubs.
Next is Big Z Carlos Zambrano. I personally love Carlos Zambrano, but he's has faded in the past few years. His multple arm angles don't trick anyone anymore. I suggest they work him from the bullpen as a long reliever to let him get his stuff back. I also suggest he throw away the 4-seam fastball and splitter and add a circle change. Look at how successful Roy Halladay became when he threw away the 4-seamer. If Big Z works well as a long reliever then bring him back to the rotation.
Randy Wells, is a good back end pitcher. He just needs to be more consistant with his pitches. His 4.99 ERA is not showing his best stuff. He has trouble finding the strike zone and ends up walking people. If he regain the confidence in his stuff he be a solid 3, 4, or 5 starter.
Now The Cubs have to make some choices this offseason. First decide if they should trade Carlos Zambrano. If they trade him they will have more space for a young reliever, but I'd give him one more chance.
If they focus internally the rotation should look like this.
  1. Matt Garza
  2. Ryan Dempster
  3. Randy Wells
  4. Andrew Cashner
  5. Jeff Samadzija
Now Samardzija and Cashner will be converted relievers, but they've proven they have the ability to start. High velocity fastballs and good secondary pitches.
If the sign free agents they should go after two lefties.
  1. Matt Garza
  2. Mark Buehrle/Eric Bedard
  3. Ryan Dempster
  4. Paul Maholm/Bruce Chen
  5. Randy Wells
This rotation will give the Cubs two great long relievers in Andrew Cashner and Jeff Samardzija.
I suggest that Theo Epstein give an offer to C.C. Sabathia. It's not likely that Sabathia would sign but that would make their rotation top notch.
If they sign Sabathia and a couple of lefties their rotation should look like this
  1. C.C. Sabathia
  2. Matt Garza
  3. Mark Burhrle/Eric Bedard
  4. Ryan Dempster
  5. Paul Maholm/Bruce Chen
Now that would help the Cubs, but to be honest C.C. Sabathia is just wishful thinking.
The other problem they had with pitching was their closer Carlos Marmol. Marmol had a high strikeout rate but he had trouble findng the strike zone with his fastball. When he did find the strike zone he ended up giving up a hit. I suggest he spend his offseason working on control instead of velocity. Other than that their bullpen was solid. They just have to bring back Kerry Wood to have the veteran edge over some other clubs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What the Cubs Need

The Chicago Cubs have been the failures of the baseball world for over one hundred years and it's time for that to change. Rebuilding will be difficult for the Cubs but now that they have a General Manager they've taken the first step. So what do the Cubs need now?
First, they need a first baseman. Idealy Albert Pujols. King Albert would bring the spark of power the Cubs need. Plus the great first base defence and a high batting average. There is a reason that King Albert is the best player in baseball. Now with a GM the Cubs have a better chance of signing Pujols.
Second, They need to fnd a place for Bryan LaHair. LaHair was the best offencive playe in the minor leagues this year with a .331 batting average and 76 extra base hits. LaHair is a first baseman by trade but has the ability to play left and right field. He has shown the ability to play in the big leagues this year so the Cubs need to get him playing time, preferably full time. In my opinion stick him in left feld. Whch will bring me to my next point.
Third, bench Alfonso Soriano. Alfonso has the ability to produce homerun power, but that's about it. Alfonso can't run anymore and has poor fielding ability. His batting average has decreased ever since his year with the Nationals. So Alfonso has two choices left, take a redused role or retire. Both choices would be good. If he retires the Cubs will have more money to chance free agents. He he takes the redused roll the Cubs will have a power bat coming off the bench.
Fourth, bring back Aramis Ramirez. Aramis has been a Cub for nine years because he's believed in the team. Aramis played his first full season in two years and rewarded them with a .306 batting average and 26 homeruns. Aramis will give consistancy in the lineup that the Cubs need.
Fifth, get Geovany Soto to start hitting again. Soto had 17 homeruns this year and alot of them came in September. So he showed he still has the ability to hit but the problem is he doesn't hit righties. If the Cubs can find a way to help Soto hit righties then the Cubs will have much more production.
The only thing left to cover is right field. If Bryan LaHair plays left and Alfonso Soriano gets bench, then they have about four options. Play Tyler Colvin and hope he produces. Play Tony Campana and figure out where to put him in the lineup. Bring back Reed Johnson and have he play right. Or sign a free agent like Corey Patterson or David Dejesus.
The lineup with Tyler Colvin should look like this.
  1. Starlin Castro              .307/91/207/36/9/10/66/22
  2. Darwin Barney            .276/66/146/23/6/2/43/9
  3. Aramis Ramirez          .306/80/173/35/1/26/93/1
  4. Albert Pujols               .299/105/173/29/0/37/99/9
  5. Bryan LaHair              .309/100/168/43/1/40/115/2 (MLB+AAA)
  6. Marlon Byrd               .276/51/123/22/2/9/35/3
  7. Tyler Colvin               .150/17/31/8/3/6/20/0
  8. Geovany Soto             .228/46/96/26/0/17/54/0
  9. Pitcher
The Lineup with Tony Campana
  1. Tony Campana            .301/51/78/11/2/1/15/32 (MLB+AAA)
  2. Starlin Castro              .307/91/207/36/9/10/66/22
  3. Aramis Ramirez          .306/80/173/35/1/26/93/1
  4. Albert Pujols               .299/105/173/29/0/37/99/9
  5. Bryan LaHair              .309/100/168/43/1/40/115/2 (MLB+AAA)
  6. Darwin Barney           .276/66/146/23/6/2/43/9
  7. Marlon Byrd               .276/51/123/22/2/9/35/3
  8. Geovany Soto             .228/46/96/26/0/17/54/0
  9. Pitcher
Now if you ask me, that lineup will win the Cubs alot of game. Next I will talk about the Cubs pitching.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Red Sox Murderer's Row

The first thing I want to discuss is what would make the Red Sox offence unstoppable. We'll start with the trades that need to be made. First we trade a bad contract for a bad contract. We trade John Lackey to the Mets for Jason Bay. We'll be getting rid of a guy with a 6.41 ERA and regaining a bat that hit 36 Homeruns one year and a guy who knows how to play that wall. Sure Bay hasn't been the same since the concussion, but being back in Boston could be just what he needs.
Second, we trade Carl Crawford for Justin Upton. I know Crawford only had one bad season with us, but Justin Upton is a beast. The Diamondbacks will be reluctant about trading him so we'll have to throw in a prospect who can play in the bigs like Ryan Kalish or Lars Anderson. Crawford is 30, Upton is 23. Crawford hits 20 Homeruns, Upton hits 30 Homeruns. Crawford is a 20-40 man, but bats seventh in the order which doesn't give us much production. Upton is a potential 30-30 man, who bats third or fourth in the order, which give him the chance to drive in over a hundred RBIs.
Third, we trade Kevin Youkilis and a prospect or two for Hanley Ramirez. Hanley doesn't want to play third and we need a shortstop. Youkilis would be beneficial for the Marlins. He's a power third baseman, a Gold Glove defender and vetern presence that would really help the young talent. But Hanley would really be able to hit in Fenway. He would hit a good amount of homeruns and a lot of doubles off the Green Monster.
Now that will leave a third base problem...or will it? Will Middlebrooks, the top Red Sox prospect, will be ready to play in the bigs by May. We'll have to stick Mike Aviles and Nick Punto at third until then. But Middlebrooks has Youkilis' power and a good glove. He will hit for a higher average and have more doubles than home runs. Plus there won't be a lot of pressure on him because I have him hitting late in the line up.
The lineup and rotation would look like this.
  1. Hanley Ramirez                      .300/92/163/28/2/21/76/32 (2010)
  2. Dustin Pedroia                        .307/102/195/37/3/21/91/26
  3. Jacoby Ellsbury                      .321/119/212/46/5/32/105/39
  4. Justin Upton                           .289/105/171/39/5/31/88/21
  5. Adrian Gonzalez                    .338/108/213/45/3/27/117/1
  6. David Ortiz                            .309/84/162/40/1/29/96/1
  7. Jason Bay                               .267/103/142/29/3/36/119/13 (2009)
  8. Will Middlebrooks                 .285/62/125/26/1/23/94/10
  9. Jarrod Saltalamacchia            .235/52/084/23/3/16/56/1

The rotation is suspect, but hopefully the 1,2,3 will be solid.
  1. Josh Beckett
  2. Jon Lester
  3. Clay Buchholtz
  4. Daniel Bard
  5. Aaron Cook/Andrew Miller/Vicente Padilla/Felix Doubront
Relief Pitchers. They are a pretty good bullpen
  1. Andrew Bailey
  2. Mark Meloncon
  3. Franklin Morales
  4. Clayton Mortensen
  5. Rich Hill
  6. Matt Albers
  7. Afredo Aceves
Now don't you agree that that offence would be deadly. Homrun power, contact hitting, high averages, gold gloves, stolen bases. Yeah that's a modern day Murderer's Row

What this Blog is about.

This Blog is dedicated to my love of baseball and the many ideas that would make my teams better. I plan on going to business school to learn sports management so I can live off my love of baseball. The teams I will mostly be talking about are The Boston Red Sox, the Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals, the Seatle Mariners and the Philadelphia Phillies. I'll talk about big Japanese free agents as well, mostly the pitchers. I will give my ideas and plans I'd put into action