Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Most Underrated Free Agents This Offseason

The top Free agents this year are, Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, Jose Reyes, C.C. Sabathia, C.J. Wilson Aramis Ramirez, Jimmy Rollins, Heath Bell, Jonathan Papelbon, Ryan Madson and K-Rod. But everyone is talking about them espically King Albert and the Prince. So I want to talk about the top free agents that could make a big impact next year.
We'll start with a personal favorite in Wily Mo Pena. This season, combined with AAA and MLB, had 32 homeruns and a .281 batting average. The problem with him is he strikes out alot. I believe he strikes out because he doesn't get enough playing time and when he does play, he tries to hit a homerun everytime. But if he gets regular playing time he'll be able to make an impact, because he'll cut down on strike outs, increase contact and hit homeruns.
Next is Wilson Betemit. Betemit is a switch hitter with even power on both sides. He didn't get much playing time due to the Royals calling up Mike Moustakus and when he was traded to the Tigers they also didn't give him alot of playing time after they recalled Brandon Inge. Betemit needs some work on his glove, but the power is there and with a full season under his belt, he'll produce.
Now Super Utility man Bill Hall. Bill Hall can play almost every position, except catcher and 1st base. He prefers to play 2nd base, but is willing to play left field, right field, and 3rd base. He can play shortstop and center field, he just perfers not to. His rocket arm and good glove allow him to play all these positions. He can also swing a mean bat. He has a lot of homerun power even when he doesn't get a lot of playing time. So give him a chance and let him produce.
Rick Ankiel. Rick has one of the best throwing arms in the game. He has a great glove and good range. Plus he can play all outfield posistions. The only problem is he's been have trouble at the plate. He has a lot of power and good contact he just has trouble finding the ball. If he can work on that he would be a big part of any team.
These are in my opinion the best underrated free agents. The best part is these players won't break the bank. They just want some time to play and they should get time.

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