Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yu Darvish, Will He Translate?

Japanese pitchers are becoming more and more common. Hideo Nomo was the first truely successful Japanese pitcher and Daisuke Matsusaka was the most expensive. Both of them are going to be blown out of the water by Yu Darvish. Darvish is only twenty-five years old and he is already looking like the greatest pitcher to ever play in Japan. His staggering consistant numbers will translate much better than Daisuke and Nomo. Don't get me wrong Nomo was a very good pitcher and Daisuke had his moments, but even in Japan their numbers don't even compare. Let's look at his stats                                    ERA/GS/K/BB/IP/CG/SO/W-L/
Yu Darvish 2007        1.82/26/210/49/203/12/3/15-5
Yu Darvish 2008        1.88/24/208/44/200/10/2/16-4
Yu Darvish 2009        1.73/23/167/45/182/8/2/15-5
Yu Darvish 2010        1.78/25/222/47/202/10/2/12-8
Yu Darvish 2011        1.44/28/276/36/232/10/6/18-6
These are the stats for the past five years. He's pitched for seven years total and he already has 1250 Ks. Now I don't care if people say the numbers don't translate in America, but looking at this year he can pitch a lot of innings and get a lot of strikouts without walking many. The ERA is the only thing I could see changing. I believe it will go up, but even if it goes up a full point he'll still have an amazing ERA. But if I had to make a comparison, I say he's a right handed Cliff Lee. A strikeout pitcher who doesn't throw above 94 mph and having amazing secondary pitches. Trust me he'll translate nicely. Hopefully he doesn't go to the Yankees

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