Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What the Cubs Need

The Chicago Cubs have been the failures of the baseball world for over one hundred years and it's time for that to change. Rebuilding will be difficult for the Cubs but now that they have a General Manager they've taken the first step. So what do the Cubs need now?
First, they need a first baseman. Idealy Albert Pujols. King Albert would bring the spark of power the Cubs need. Plus the great first base defence and a high batting average. There is a reason that King Albert is the best player in baseball. Now with a GM the Cubs have a better chance of signing Pujols.
Second, They need to fnd a place for Bryan LaHair. LaHair was the best offencive playe in the minor leagues this year with a .331 batting average and 76 extra base hits. LaHair is a first baseman by trade but has the ability to play left and right field. He has shown the ability to play in the big leagues this year so the Cubs need to get him playing time, preferably full time. In my opinion stick him in left feld. Whch will bring me to my next point.
Third, bench Alfonso Soriano. Alfonso has the ability to produce homerun power, but that's about it. Alfonso can't run anymore and has poor fielding ability. His batting average has decreased ever since his year with the Nationals. So Alfonso has two choices left, take a redused role or retire. Both choices would be good. If he retires the Cubs will have more money to chance free agents. He he takes the redused roll the Cubs will have a power bat coming off the bench.
Fourth, bring back Aramis Ramirez. Aramis has been a Cub for nine years because he's believed in the team. Aramis played his first full season in two years and rewarded them with a .306 batting average and 26 homeruns. Aramis will give consistancy in the lineup that the Cubs need.
Fifth, get Geovany Soto to start hitting again. Soto had 17 homeruns this year and alot of them came in September. So he showed he still has the ability to hit but the problem is he doesn't hit righties. If the Cubs can find a way to help Soto hit righties then the Cubs will have much more production.
The only thing left to cover is right field. If Bryan LaHair plays left and Alfonso Soriano gets bench, then they have about four options. Play Tyler Colvin and hope he produces. Play Tony Campana and figure out where to put him in the lineup. Bring back Reed Johnson and have he play right. Or sign a free agent like Corey Patterson or David Dejesus.
The lineup with Tyler Colvin should look like this.
  1. Starlin Castro              .307/91/207/36/9/10/66/22
  2. Darwin Barney            .276/66/146/23/6/2/43/9
  3. Aramis Ramirez          .306/80/173/35/1/26/93/1
  4. Albert Pujols               .299/105/173/29/0/37/99/9
  5. Bryan LaHair              .309/100/168/43/1/40/115/2 (MLB+AAA)
  6. Marlon Byrd               .276/51/123/22/2/9/35/3
  7. Tyler Colvin               .150/17/31/8/3/6/20/0
  8. Geovany Soto             .228/46/96/26/0/17/54/0
  9. Pitcher
The Lineup with Tony Campana
  1. Tony Campana            .301/51/78/11/2/1/15/32 (MLB+AAA)
  2. Starlin Castro              .307/91/207/36/9/10/66/22
  3. Aramis Ramirez          .306/80/173/35/1/26/93/1
  4. Albert Pujols               .299/105/173/29/0/37/99/9
  5. Bryan LaHair              .309/100/168/43/1/40/115/2 (MLB+AAA)
  6. Darwin Barney           .276/66/146/23/6/2/43/9
  7. Marlon Byrd               .276/51/123/22/2/9/35/3
  8. Geovany Soto             .228/46/96/26/0/17/54/0
  9. Pitcher
Now if you ask me, that lineup will win the Cubs alot of game. Next I will talk about the Cubs pitching.

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