Monday, October 17, 2011


There are about five player up for MVP, excluding Justin Verlander. Miguel Cabrerra, Jose Bautista, Jacoby Ellsbury, Curtis Granderson and Adrian Gonzalez. I will explain who should win, who shouldn't and who will and show the numbers so you can decide. But first to be honest I want Ellsbury to win.
Jose Bautista. Bautista lead in multiple catagories. He had the most homeruns and the highest WAR. But the problem is he was on a team that wasn't contending. He was also accused of stealing signs. I personally don't believe that, but it will be taken into account.
Adrian Gonzalez. A-Gon was the best player in the game through the first half. Then after the All-Star break he slumped. He kept up the batting average and base hits but his homerun power diminished. Then the series against the Rangers rolled around and he hit 5 homeruns in three games so we thought he was back. But once september came and he dropped to second in batting average and tied for first in hits. At the All Star break he was on pace for 250 hits possibly more, but his slumps and shoulder fatigue prevented him from being the best.
Curtis Granderson. Granderson also lead in multiple categories. The problem is he didn't even come close in other categories. He lead in runs and RBIs, but only batted .262 with 152 hits. Granderson was a great speed and power man, which is why he's up for MVP, but his numbers won't let him win it.
Jacoby Ellsbury. Ellsbury, to put simple, was a beast. Jacoby blew us away with 32 homeruns. Sure it wasn't the most but the fact that his most was 9 prevously is pretty incredible. He was the first 30-30 man in Red Sox history and Come Back Player of the Year. He was the shining star in the Red Sox collapse. But that's the problem, even though he was great he couldn't get the Sox to the playoffs and it will cost him.
Miguel Cabrerra. Cabrerra had the highest batting average and the most doubles. He lead the Tigers, along with Verlander, into the playoffs and past the Yankees. He will win MVP and the numbers support it.
Here are the numbers you decided
Jacoby Ellsbury
Runs: 119 (3rd)
Hits: 212 (2nd)
Doubles: 46 (T-3rd)
Triples: 5 (T-6th)
Homeruns: 32 (T-5th)
RBIs: 105 (T-6th)
Stolen Bases: 39 (4th)
Batting Average: .321 (5th)
On Base Percentage: .376 (T-9th)
Slugging: .552 (T-5th)
OPS: .928 (5th)
Extra Base Hits: 83 (1st)
Total Bases: 364 (1st)
Wins Above Replacement: 7.2 (2nd)
Runs Above Replacements: 75 (2nd)
30-30 Club (First in Red Sox History)
Come Back Player of the Year Award

Miguel Cabrera
Runs: 111 (4th)
Hits: 201 (3rd)
Doubles: 48 (1st)
Homeruns: 30 (7th)
RBI: 105 (T-6th)
Walks: 108 (2nd)
Batting Average: .344 (1st)
On Base Percentage: .448 (1st)
Slugging: .586 (2nd)
OPS: 1.033 (2nd)
Extra Base Hits: 78 (3rd)
Total Bases: 335 (3rd)
Win Above Replacement: 7.1 (3rd)
Runs Above Replacement: 73 (3rd)

Adrian Gonzalez
Runs: 108 (5th)
Hits: 213 (T-1st)
Doubles: 45 (T-4th)
Homeruns: 27 (T-10th)
RBI: 117 (3rd)
Batting Average: .338 (T-2nd)
On Base Percentage: .410 (3rd)
Slugging: .548 (6th)
OPS: .957 (3rd)
Extra Base Hits: 75 (5th)
Total Bases: 345 (2nd)
Win Above Replacement: 6.9 (4th)
Runs Above Replacement: 71 (4th)

Curtis Granderson
Runs: 136 (1st)
Hits: 153 (T-24th)
Doubles: 26 (T-19th)
Homeruns: 41 (2nd)
Triples: 10 (2nd)
RBI: 119 (1st)
Most Strikeouts: 169 (4th)
Batting Average: .262 (T-30th)
On Base Percentage: .364 (14th)
Slugging: .552 (T-5th)
OPS: .916 (6th)
Extra Base Hits: 77 (4th)
Total Bases: 322 (5th)
Wins Above Replacement: 5.2 (T-10th)
Runs Above Replacement: 56 (T-7th)

Jose Batista
Runs: 105 (6th)
Hits: 155 (T-21)
Doubles: 24 (T-20th+)
Homreuns: 43 (1st)
RBI: 103 (T-7th)
Walks: 132 (1st)
Batting Average: .302 (T-10th)
One Base Percentage: .447 (2nd)
Slugging: .608 (1st)
OPS: 1.056 (1st)
Extra Base Hits: 69 (10th)
Total Bases: 312 (6th)
Win Above Replacement: 8.5 (1st )
Runs Above Replacement: 89 (1st)

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